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We’re All Storytellers: What the Rise of Content Marketing Means for Your Product Organization

Content marketing may not have replaced social media just yet, but it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for companies to connect with customers and prospects. Massive budget dollars are now being slotted for this channel that barely existed five years ago. While the action may be happening in the marketing department, content marketing ties back to the products and value propositions that product organizations are creating, so they need to be aligned to make sure that content marketers are telling the right stories.

This presentation covers:
What content marketing is and how it fits into the overall corporate and product marketing landscape
What is now expected of product managers with regards to content marketing
Some tips on how product managers can personally leverage content marketing to make their jobs easier and achieve their goals
How product organizations can use content marketing as a tool to better position their products in the marketplace and shorten the sales cycle.