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Are You Building a Feature or a Company?

New companies are started every day. Some are moonshots with brand new ideas trying to change the world. Some are natural extensions of their founders’ industry experience, having identified a clear opportunity to meet a market need. Some are essentially copycats of other businesses, maybe with a slight tweak but essentially just duplicating what is […]

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Is Building a Platform Always the Right Call?

The “Platform Play” is an attractive but expensive strategy. Here are four questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge. Most new technology solutions begin with the end-user in mind: a specific problem to be solved or opportunity to be exploited. It is usually well-defined and the solution (although not always simple and easy to […]

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7 World Cup Lessons for Your International Strategy

The 32 nations fighting for soccer supremacy in Brazil can teach us some valuable things for doing business abroad. Wow, There Are a Lot of Countries Sitting an ocean or two away from most of the world, it is pretty easy to lose your perspective. How often is Ghana or Bosnia-Herzegovina or Uruguay coming up […]

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