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Quit Talking About Features & Start Talking About Benefits

No business is immune from living inside its own echo chamber where their world starts revolving about their own product or service. This can lead to lots of unfortunate side effects, but one of the most common is to focus its messaging and sales efforts on “features.” The problem is that most people don’t care […]

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How to Optimize Your FAQ page

Companies obviously prefer to have salespeople closing deals and sales support staff answering every possible question with the latest and greatest data delivered with a positive spin, but the lowly FAQ page is a critical stop in the path to purchase for many prospective customers. There’s plenty of reasons a prospect might be spending time […]

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3 Ways to Head-Off the Naysayers

Proactive preparation for the people who can’t say yes, but can say no. It is essential for a sales team and the marketing folks supporting them to understand who their actual customer is. We’re not talking about “car dealerships” or “universities” or “software companies,” but rather who within those organizations is actually going to want […]

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