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Avoiding Platform Arrogance: How Apple Watch is Intruding on Your iPhone

On March 9th Apple released version 8.2 of iOS, the platform powering all of its mobile devices. Along with its bundles of bug fixes and improvements came a new app to our home screens – “Apple Watch.” We have been hearing about Apple Watch for years now and this version of iOS not coincidentally coincided […]

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Why We Can’t Wait for Companies to Tell Us About New Stuff We’ll Never Buy

What makes us devour the specs on the latest releases from some companies while ignoring others? On October 9th, Elon Musk told the world about the latest and greatest Tesla model. It will sell for more than $120,000 – three times the average sale price of new cars in the U.S. and nearly ten times […]

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When Your Competitors Aren’t Competing for the Same Thing

It’s not always a fair fight when your competitors have “alternative motivations” In most cases, when your product/solution/service has a direct competitor for the same customers, you are all trying to accomplish the same thing: selling more widgets because you make money when you sell those widgets. It’s old school business: I sell boxes, you […]

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