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How to Optimize Your FAQ page

Companies obviously prefer to have salespeople closing deals and sales support staff answering every possible question with the latest and greatest data delivered with a positive spin, but the lowly FAQ page is a critical stop in the path to purchase for many prospective customers.

There’s plenty of reasons a prospect might be spending time with your FAQs. They might be following up on a sales presentation or outbound campaign to get more information. They might have stumbled upon an intriguing solution and are looking to learn more. They might be an approver in the purchasing process that didn’t get the initial pitch but is doing their due diligence. Or they might even be an existing customer considering an upgrade or trying to figure out how to use what they’ve already bought.

Unfortunately, the FAQ page is sometimes an afterthought when a company is building out its online presence and almost always becomes one after the site is up and running. This can quickly lead to stagnant information lingering on the site, giving customers a false, outdated impression of what your company has to offer.

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