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How to Hire for Your Virtual Office

Big tech companies are often in the news for their offices, such as Apple’s circular spaceship design in Cupertino, Facebook’s battles with their neighbors in Menlo Park, Google’s Mountain View “biodome” and Uber’s upcoming glass monstrosity in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Laundry Service, Hair Salons, and Bowling Alleys

We read about catered food, laundry service, hair salons, bowling alleys and slides, each company trying to outdo the next to make their workplaces as hip, cool and convenient as possible to both attract new talent and then keep them there long after “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” has come and gone.

But out in the real world where unicorns only live in fairy tales there are plenty of companies shifting in the other direction and either scaling back or getting rid of their offices altogether. This isn’t driven by all of their employees asking to work from home, it’s motivated by the increasing geographic diversity of their teams and cutting out the unnecessary overhead of maintaining permanent office spaces.

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