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Don’t Confuse Novelty with Innovation

If you follow technology business news, you have probably seen plenty of headlines like this one: “Bostonians can pay their parking tickets with a mobile app.” While that is a nice convenience factor for a ticketed driver, this is really only addressing the core user problem at the “novelty” layer.

First of all, if you are getting enough parking tickets that you need to install an app, you probably want to rethink your parking strategies. Second, a ticketed driver could always pay their ticket online, and since phones have browsers it is only mildly less convenient to just do that. Finally, a ticketed driver is probably not that interested in how to pay their parking ticket, but rather in avoid them in the first place.

Solving the core issues is where companies get beyond the “novelty” and into the “novel” part of innovation. It is also a lot harder, which is why so many companies start with a novelty (and often stay there) instead of taking on the much harder problems to solve – which also happen to actually make a significant improvement in a user’s life.

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