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Why Do We Still Have Snow Days? The Case for LFH.


It’s been a rough patch of winter in New England, with school closing for 2+ days at a time after getting feet of snow dumped on us. While there are plenty of reasons to argue that schools don’t need to be closed the day AFTER a storm, a more important argument is why is the […]

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Christmas, Hannukah & Maximizing Your Launch Event Buzz

With only so many opportunities to make a splashy announcement, if you’re not Apple or Google you may not want to tell them everything all at once. Last week was Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). It is one of several events each year where Apple takes center stage in the tech and business press world […]

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7 ‘Flash Boys’ Quotes Interpreted

Flash Boys is the most recent book from Michael Lewis, who is one of the best in the business at taking a complicated story and making it a fast-paced and engaging read. Here are some quotes that jumped out at me while reading the book, and my interpretation of how they can relate to work […]

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