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Customer Experience and the Importance of the Little Things

Customer satisfaction is a key goal for all organizations; it keeps recurring revenues flowing, creates positive reviews and feedback, maintains the company’s reputation and lets you know you’re meeting their needs. This is usually achieved by ensuring current offerings are high quality and meeting customer needs while developing new things to meet additional requirements. Beyond […]

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The Downsides of Leaving a Legacy

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Don’t let your early triumphs drag down future sales success. When you are working for (or starting) a new venture, you hope your solution is widely used, if not ubiquitous. You want millions of people utilizing your products, relying on your services and promoting your wares throughout the marketplace. Truly successful firms may see this […]

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4 Tips for Preventing Preventative Maintenance Fails

Post-purchase maintenance is part of the equation that shouldn’t be ignored or taken for granted. Spring is in full gear here in New England, and this weekend it was finally time to mow the grass. And while this is the 14th spring where I have had to mow a lawn of my own, this was […]

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