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Why Your Blog Needs More Than One Author


You wouldn’t expect The New York Times or The Huffington Post to only feature articles from one writer would you? Publications like these clearly benefit from having multiple voices that can offer different perspectives and appeal to different parts of their audience. And yet, too many brands assume their content creation can and should be […]

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It’s 5pm Somewhere: 5 Strategies to Run Operations Across Time Zones


Whether it’s the software development team in Prague, regional sales reps scattered across the country, a contract manufacturer in Shenzen or a CEO who prefers working from her Caribbean beach house in the summer, there’s a good chance that everyone is in separate locations (maybe even hemispheres!). And this is just the start. Your organization […]

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9 Lessons Your Management Team Could Steal from SCOTUS


The Supreme Court is often in the news, but the death of Justice Scalia has the most important court in the land is stealing all the headlines and everyone has an opinion. But looking past the immediate drama over who will be the next Supreme Court Justice, there are actually quite a few things corporate […]

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7 Ways to Further Democratize Democracy


With the Iowa Caucus behind us and the focus now turning to the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, the many counter-intuitive ways the United States selects its most important elected official are dragged once again into the spotlight. So in the spirit of innovation, disruption and continuous improvement, here are seven ways to enhance […]

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How to Hire for Your Virtual Office

Big tech companies are often in the news for their offices, such as Apple’s circular spaceship design in Cupertino, Facebook’s battles with their neighbors in Menlo Park, Google’s Mountain View “biodome” and Uber’s upcoming glass monstrosity in San Francisco’s Mission District. Laundry Service, Hair Salons, and Bowling Alleys We read about catered food, laundry service, […]

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4 Questions for an Awesome Pricing Strategy

Three dollars for real maple syrup. On a supermarket shelf, that’s not a bad deal. On a restaurant menu, next to some pancakes or waffles… a little less appealing. My summer travels have brought me face to face with this “extra” line item several times. I haven’t sprung for it, although sometimes it has made […]

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Are You Building a Feature or a Company?

New companies are started every day. Some are moonshots with brand new ideas trying to change the world. Some are natural extensions of their founders’ industry experience, having identified a clear opportunity to meet a market need. Some are essentially copycats of other businesses, maybe with a slight tweak but essentially just duplicating what is […]

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We’re All Storytellers: What the Rise of Content Marketing Means for Your Product Organization

Content marketing may not have replaced social media just yet, but it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for companies to connect with customers and prospects. Massive budget dollars are now being slotted for this channel that barely existed five years ago. While the action may be happening in the marketing department, […]

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Quit Talking About Features & Start Talking About Benefits

No business is immune from living inside its own echo chamber where their world starts revolving about their own product or service. This can lead to lots of unfortunate side effects, but one of the most common is to focus its messaging and sales efforts on “features.” The problem is that most people don’t care […]

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Let Your Customers Do the Talking: Creating and Leveraging Great Case Studies


There is nothing more convincing to a potential customer than hearing about the success someone else has had with your product or service – it’s way more believable than anything your sales or marketing team can come up with on their own. This presentation gives you the steps to create an effective case study and […]

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