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Avoiding Platform Arrogance: How Apple Watch is Intruding on Your iPhone

On March 9th Apple released version 8.2 of iOS, the platform powering all of its mobile devices. Along with its bundles of bug fixes and improvements came a new app to our home screens – “Apple Watch.” We have been hearing about Apple Watch for years now and this version of iOS not coincidentally coincided with the big Apple Watch reveal by Tim Cook and the Cupertino Crew.

Now you can’t actually buy the watch yet – you can preorder it, and far more importantly, a fraction of iOS users will buy an Apple Watch at all, so this new app really has quite limited appeal and utility for the vast majority of iOS users.

As technology consumers, we are accustomed to many unwanted things coming along with the new shiny thing we buy. For example, there has been preinstalled “trial” software on PCs since the heyday of America Online. But usually, you can uninstall the things you don’t want and move on with your life.

As for Apple – as well as their Android-shilling brethren, Google – you actually can’t. Whether you want it or not, your iOS device is currently laden down with Weather, Stocks, iBooks, Newstand, Maps, Health and now Apple Watch… and you CAN NOT delete them.

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